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Education is key

Ageth and her team completed the construction of the Academy on July 2018. Children living in refugee camps can now attend school provided by Southern Sudan Hope Foundation. Having visited the refugee camps back in 2017 a child asked Ageth “when you come back can you please bring us pencils.” After that day she dedicated herself to providing these children with free education and peace of mind.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


The leaders of the school

Hope Academy is a growing school, right now we have six amazing teachers, helping to keep the school running smoothly.


Julius Njaramba

Head Teacher

Ann Mwangi

Senior Teacher

Terry Cate

Assistant Teacher

Yunice Mwende

Assistant Teacher

Awatch Ndut

Assistant Teacher

Joan Waiyua

Assistant Teacher

Deng KarKar


Southern Sudan Hope has so many wonderful Sstudents attending its school and we are excited to introduce them to you. See their beautful faces and read their stories. The stories started off sad at the start, but like Disney’s movies every good storystarts with a sad moment. the students took the rotten apple the world gave them and made an delicious apple pie. Your donations will help us keep our school’s doors open and allow our scholars’ story to have a happy ever after.