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Why we do it.

The civil war in Sudan has displaced over 2.1 million people. Leaving countless impoverished children, suffering from malnutrition and men and women wounded.

We are working to raise awareness and collect donations to support the famine relief and medical aid in Sudan

“My heart is still smiling. We cannot thank you enough for your support. The generous donation of the wheelchair that provided Mwendwa has given him freedom of movement. ”


Where it goes.

All donation contributes to providing much-needed materials like food, fresh-water, clothing, and medical care for communities in Sudan.

Donations are given directly to the relief camps and the doctors for food, medical support, and school supplies.

This Non-profit organization was created to help the displaced, creating resources to put them back on their feet and give them HOPE.

Give a Helping Hand


We Can Only Give what we have

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