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Freedom Bus
Escape from War.

Freedom Buses

MAY 28 2023-THE WAR

A war has broken out and people are looking for transportation. We are striving to get people to safety without trucks.

The new outbreak of violence has forced a fresh wave of people to leave their homes, either moving elsewhere in Sudan or crossing into neighboring countries.

We need your help to continue  transporting the women and children of South Sudan to safety.  The vehicles cost $4,000, that is the price of freedom for the people of South Sudan.

Call to Action

We have been able to purchase 6 trucks to help us transport the people.  Our Goal is to purchase 6 more trucks, to total 12 vehicles. We have moved 638 people to safety since we began our transportation mission. There are over 3,000 more children, women and men, that need to be transported to safety