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There are many charities with goals of helping the Southern Sudanese in some way. It will take many of us to help give the support needed to pull these people out of crisis. Your personal donation to Southern Sudan Hope will go directly to the people who most need food and medicine. Unfortunately, these communities cannot wait. The United Nations warns that 2.1 million, many of them children, are at risk for famine.

Your donation will go directly to Southern Sudan. 80% will be used to help and the remainder is used for operating expenses.



Your gift will help directly and immediately. Here’s how.

  • $20 will feed a family of four 6 meals
  • $25 will provide clothes for 5 children
  • $50 will go directly to medical costs and hospitals

Southern Sudan Hope is working with Vision Internation Missions a 501(c) 3 charity so your gift is tax deductible. Tax ID# 02-0506104

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