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The Foundation’s mission is to serve the 2.1 million South Sudanese people living in refugee camps in Sudan. Their homes have been burned and pillaged. Families have been kidnapped, beaten, raped, and killed.

The refugee camps are also overcrowded resulting in severe food shortages. Millions of people living in South Sudan are at risk of famine. Among them are thousands of infants and toddlers, dying from lack of food and medicine.

Donations to this organization are given directly to sources actively supporting affected children and communities in Sudan. With your help, you can provide food, clothing, school and medical supplies, and peace of mind to those who are in desperate need.

Hope Academy

Southern Sudan Hope used its donations, from last year, to build a school in one of the refugee camps in Sudan. Currently, it has 108 students, kindergarten to 6th grade. The students are vetted by the headteacher, allowing us to spread the scholarships/aids fairly.


Southern Sudan Hope provides medical aid to a variety of patients. The donations we have received have allowed us to give wheels to the immobile, eyes to the visually impaired, and first aid supplies to doctors.

Food and Water

The money donations have helped us feed a large number of the refugee community. $10 a month can help feed 10 people. You will be providing grain and freshwater to families that otherwise had none. every little donation puts a meal in an empty stomach.

June 1, 2019

Wheelchairs for the immbolie

In 2018 Ageth witnessed the hundreds of disabled men, woman and children and returned one year later on June 8, 2019 to provide wheelchair donated to the organization

June 1, 2019
July 1, 2018

School Visit

Students Esteele, Cristina, and Sabrine photographed with Ageth and teachers

July 1, 2018

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